Chippawa Lions Club


I have tried to examine, as a Lion, who and what we are in today's society?  It is hard to get my head round the fact we are alive and well as a Club, but at the same time under duress to try to do more, better, faster, to keep pace with that society.  Surprisingly this all came about as an off shoot of a conversation about our looming seventy-fifth anniversary as The Chippawa Lions CLub.  Our Club has the longstanding admiration of the residents of Chippawa because of our history in the community.  This history will decline as we lose this base of support through time, unless we continue to create a new history for the newer generations.  If we can find a balance between honouring our history without stagnating, our club can have the best of both worlds.

HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THAT?  Some of the questions are already being answered by our forward thinking members who have suggested, i.e. Lion Wayne L. (public service) with Breakfast with Santa, Lion Greg adding Movie to Steak Night (to entice more people) and Lion JJ with the proposed Mayor of Chippawa (fund raiser) to bring folks to Carnival and also a Gala Inauguration Ball later.  Proposals such as these are a good step forward so if you have been thinking of one please bring it forward and get the help of other members to get it working.  Further to that we need to revive any of our past successes i.e. Advertising Placemats and see if we can kick start some projects by refining them or reusing them.  Maybe even start something new for the teens like a skateboard competition?

If you read the minutes you will see that the Chippawa Volunteer Fire Fighters have asked the Club to use our facilities as the activity centre for their next slow-pitch tournament with us doing the food.  In addition, the Willoughby Historical Society has asked us to supply food for their function in the park on June 21st of this year.  Finally, the Chippawa Business Association has asked the Club if we would consider supplying the food if they change their August Chippawa Days fund raiser from Cummington Square to the Chippawa Lions Park.

As you can see these effortts are being made, but to make them most effective the Club Members who are active will quickly become overloaded so more help is needed.  This can happen only if other members step forward, or we gain new members to fill the gap.  If you have a few hours to spare and there is a function you would enjoy participating in come on out.  Or possibly if you know someone who would enjoy participating in these activities and/or in joining the Club, please ask them.  I myself did not join the Club until I retired so if you know someone who feels the need to do Public Service or just fill in some time we would love to have them on board.

Lion Fred the Ed  March 2014